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Brilliant at Breakfast: On Turning Three


Celebrating our third anniversary was not one of the things we had in mind when we first started off in 2008. In fact, celebrating any anniversary was nowhere in our mind. All we thought about back then was whether we would last at all, whether this could possibly be done.

There are many reasons people play music, and to discuss them at length would render this too long a piece. Suffice it to say, this musical venture was created out of sheer strongheadedness. Though we were by no means the first pop group in the world to feature fairly many members, low-key identity and tongue-in-cheek lyrical themes, none of us had ever done anything like this before. As far removed from any feasible blueprint as could be, everything that we are now has been the result of trying and testing – be it out of scrupulous plannings, sudden whims, or even as workarounds to deal with limitations, all the while wondering: “Could this possibly be done?”

Our time with Paperplane is a happy, treasured one. The physical full-length release “Being Verbose Is Easy, Being Verbose Ain’t Easy” was actually the first time for both the band and the label. As with other things, the making of this album was a long process of exploring, trying and testing one new thing after another. The resulting album, despite its shortcomings, is something that we can proudly call our own. We are honoured to have gone through this process together with the label.

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Three years, we realize, is not much. Truth be told, when it comes to figures – record sales, chart positions, ratings, social media followers, number of shows, whatever – we are not much. We never became a pop sensation that took the Indonesian music scene (or any scene) by storm or won the nation’s youths’ hearts with our anthemic tunes. Magnitude has never been and will never be on our list of priorities. After all, figures can be bought or manipulated.

In the three years of our journey, we have beaten many inner demons, both as a group and as individuals. We played places and met people we never would have imagined before. Looking back at the time we started off, we suddenly find that our universe of what could and could not possibly be done has stretched beyond we could ever have expected. This is an experience worth more than any figures in the world.

And to everyone who has crossed paths with us, who has made this at all possible: Thanks for being a part of this experience!


Brilliant at Breakfast


The band are giving away a free download and lots of cakes at their third-anniversary minisite: www.brilliantatbreakfast.net/3


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Brilliant at Breakfast are honoured to cover indiepop legend Trembling Blue Stars

This is Brilliant at Breakfast’s cover version of Sacred Music. The song was originally played by Trembling Blue Stars, an indiepop legend from UK, one of many Bob Wratten’s brilliant projects. Take a while to listen to the original version first. Better? Maybe not. Less depressive? Definitely YES!

And this is Brilliant at Breakfast’s cover version of Sacred Music.

The cover version will be released by Dufflecoat Records from Cambridgeshire, UK, as a double CD compilation from a global collection of bands.

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