Pop with dabs of madness. Brilliant at Breakfast are perky, childish, whimsical pop outfit formed in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2009.

Range their influences from popular culture (comic book superheroes, Greek mythology, urban legends, novels) to everyday life (end-of-vacation blues, intoxicating drinks, sugary drinks, road accidents) as well as Scottish and Swedish pop bands, Amelia Fletcher, the writings of Lewis Carroll, E.E.Cummings and also Lemony Snicket. Aim to take bedroom musicianship further with cheap instruments, rhymes and riddles, an outlandish sense of humor, mediocre musical skill, and cups over cups of coffee.

Released a digital EP ‘Almost Verbose’ in 2010 on Connecticut netlabel February Records. The debut full length album entitled ‘Being Verbose Is Easy, Being Verbose Ain’t Easy’ is a co-release between us and our Peruvian friend Susy Records.

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Come from the same small town in the south of Sweden and have known each other half their lives; they’ve explored Stockholm’s night life together, travelled Europe and experienced everything from the glamour of Southern Spain to the dirty floors of Germany… etc. But they’ve never made music together. Not until now.

One half of the duo is a photographer with a love for ambient, trip hop and electronica while the other half is deeply involved in the world of pop.  Pallers integrate the seemingly trappy opposites with such ease it almost seems effortless – turning it into something new, something of their very own.

Pallers is a neighborhood in the outskirts of Åhus where half of the duo grew up and still returns to. The album is produced and recorded during three years time in apartments, basements, villas and sheds in Pallers, La mar, Stockholm, Miami and Johannesburg.

Pallers is Henrik Mårtensson and Johan Angergård.

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Lazyroom basically came from a small city in East Borneo called Tarakan. They moved to Yogyakarta in order to continue their study. Sharing the same musical love ranging from 80’s indiepop till  90’s shoegazing, the four then decided to take their musical love one step ahead and formed Lazyroom in 2009. Three years later, they released their debut called Native Narrative, a highly acclaimed 10 heavy layered guitar tracks album.

The album also released in the USA by Patetico Recordings.

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An ukulele duo consisting of Wafiq Giotama (Ogi) and Mas Gilang Karebet (Karebet). Two Javanese youngsters from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Met at the same class on high school , chatted around until they found a similarity: music. Released a digital EP on Thai-based netlabel, SEA Indie in 2010, and finally finished their most anticipated debut album in mid 2012.

You may have a big perceptual image in your mind of what kind of music an ukulele group would present. Throw that image away because Answer Sheet are one amongst few rarities.

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